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Andrew G. Kenagy, Psy.D.

Andrew G. Kenagy, Psy.D.

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My practice focuses on people who want to enjoy greater peace and more satisfying relationships. I'm pleased to serve children, adolescents, and adults. The emphasis of my work includes treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, interpersonal difficulties, psycho-spiritual issues, ADHD, and child/adolescent behavior problems. I enjoy incorporating faith into treatment for those interested in doing so. I employ a variety of techniques to help my clients improve. We generally begin with things that can help them feel better quickly and gain hope. When desired and appropriate, we then work closely to understand and address potential underlying dynamics. In this way we can together encourage lasting change and ongoing improvement. I grew up in Salem-Keizer and am committed to serving our community. I've enjoyed working with college students at three nearby universities and with children and families in a local pediatric clinic and in the public school system. I want to be a dedicated and compassionate champion for my clients in their challenges and victories.