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Paul T. McLaughlin, Psy.D.

Paul T. McLaughlin, Psy.D.

- Spinnaker Office - 2601 25th St, Ste 420


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Dr. McLaughlin is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in individual psychotherapy for people with depression, anxiety, relational problems, and existential issues. He also treats those who are looking to enhance their overall quality of life and well-being. Dr. McLaughlin has worked in various settings including universities, community mental health, correctional facilities, and private practice. He practices from a psychoanalytically informed model of psychotherapy. This insight-oriented approach looks to go beyond symptoms with the hope of identifying underlying causes, by allowing thoughts and feelings to emerge that have been previously unrecognized and out of awareness. A key feature of this approach is the way that the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the patient informs treatment and provides crucial information with the goal of fostering growth and positive change. Dr. McLaughlin has specific training, education, and clinical experience working with religious and spiritual issues in psychotherapy. He has worked with people from various religious traditions and diverse backgrounds, and has distinct experience working within the Catholic and Protestant faiths.